Best Toe Tape for Dancers & Athletes

Toe tape helps to reduce friction inside point shoes and prevent blisters. The tape can be applied to your toes or any part of the foot where you feel discomfort. It’s also a great option for athletes like ice skaters and yoga instructors who frequently put pressure on their feet or those who suffer from turf toe, an injury to the big toe’s main joint, which can cause pain, swelling, and bruising. When shopping for toe tape, you want to look for self-tear options that are flexible and allow your skin to breathe. With this in mind, we rounded up the best toe tape to buy.

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1. Gauztex Ballet & Sports Toe Tape

This product is self-adhesive and made with a sturdy, porous fabric that’s also waterproof

Pros: It shouldn’t stick to your hair or leave any residue behind, and doesn’t require clips or fasteners to stay secure. The material is gentle enough for sensitive skin and biodegradable. You can buy it in a single roll or as a pack of three.

Cons: The first piece can be difficult to tear off.


2. Meister Stick Elite Professional Athletic Tape

The option is made of a porous fabric with zig-zag edges for easy tearing by hand.

Pros: The material allows for optimal airflow and is latex-free, making it safe for most skin types. It’s equipped with a super strong adhesive that shouldn’t budge even while you sweat, and can also secure bandages as a quick fix. You can buy it as a pack of two rolls or four.

Cons: It is not waterproof.


3. Hampton Adams Athletic Tape

Each roll is 45 feet long and self-adhesive.

Pros: This option comes with more tape per roll thank most other options, making it a versatile and wallet-freindly option. In addition to working on toes, it’s also great for wrapping around hands and fingers during baseball bats, or vault bars to prevent blisters on your hands, too.

Cons: It might get loose after sweating.

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