Best Thai Massage Sticks for Sore Feet

Thai foot reflexology is based on the belief that there are zones and reflex areas in the foot that are linked to the different parts of the body. This practice is said to free up blocked energy in the body’s Thai-based meridians to promote relaxation, balance and overall good health. Thai massage sticks, which feature a thick end and thin end, are used to apply pressure to these various reflex points on the foot for tension release. While you can technically practice reflexology without the use of a wooden stick, these sticks can make it easier to apply deep pressure on a specific point without causing discomfort to your fingers. To help you narrow down the options on the market, we did some research and rounded up a few of the best Thai massage sticks you can buy. They’re perfect for massage therapists looking to utilize Thai reflexology techniques into their practice, or simply for anyone who has sore feet.


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1. Relaxation Wood Thai Reflexology Massage Set

In addition to a foot stick, you get a versatile full-body massage tool with three different sized ends, a head and face roller, a massage cube with rounded corners to stimulate the nerves and reflex points in the hands and fingers.

Pros: It also comes with a crossbar massager that can be used on the whole body.

Cons: Some may prefer they were bigger.

Relaxation Wood Thai Reflexology Massage Set
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

2. Wooden Health Reflexology Thai Foot Massage Stick

This stick is also made of solid redwood and measures 6.5 inches long. The ends are slightly different in size to target various trigger points.

Pros: It comes with a foot reflexology chart.

Cons: It only includes one stick.

Wooden Health Reflexology Thai Foot Massage Stick
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

3. CCcollections Foot Massage Stick

Including three pieces, this set provides a foot stick, a rolling face massager and a versatile cross-shaped hammer tool for the whole body.

Pros: This set also comes with an informational guide.

Cons: The tools may feel small for some.

CCcollections massaging set
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

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