Best Shoe Wash Bags for Cleaning Your Footwear

To keep your shoes looking like new, sometimes a simple buff isn’t enough. Fortunately, certain types of footwear like canvas and mesh sneakers can be cleaned in the washing machine. And they don’t have to be washed on their own, either, so as long as you take necessary precautions. Before loading them into the machine, try placing your shoes in a wash bag to prevent them from treading up softer items like sweaters and sheets. While any standard style will do, ones made with sturdy zippers are ideal for ensuring your items stay securely in the bag while being washed. Ahead, shop a selection of great shoe wash bags to add to your lineup.

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1. Teletrogy Shoe Laundry Bags

These are made with over 1,000 fluffy fibers inside for enhanced cleaning and mesh lids for increased water permeability.

Pros: They come with a pair of adjustable shoe trees to protect against creasing. They’re able to fit up to a size 15 shoe.

Cons: Some may find the zippers could be more durable.

Teletrogy Shoe Laundry Bags
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2. Vivifying Laundry Shoe Bag Set

This set comes with three double-layer fine mesh bags that can fit up to a size 13 shoe. Elastic bands keep the zippers in place to prevent the bag from opening in the wash.

Pros: These are also ideal for packing shoes, as well as washing stuffed animals and other items.

Cons: Some may prefer other size options.

Vivifying Shoe Bags
CREDIT: Amazon

3. iDesign Large Mesh Laundry Bag

Measuring 16 by 20 inches, this large, fine-weave mesh bag is roomy enough to fit a pair of sneakers or slippers. It also features rust-proof, auto-lock zippers.

Pros: These come in a medium size that’s ideal for smaller shoes, socks and delicate items, plus a set of two with both sizes.

Cons: It won’t fit all shoe styles.


4. Vandoona Laundry Shoe Bag Set

This set includes six 12 x 14-inch mesh drawstring bags that fit most shoe sizes, plus two smaller 8 by 12-inch bags for storing accessories like shoe polish, laces and more.

Pros: They also come in an extra-large 12 x 17-inch option. These are also optimal for travel use and washing other items.

Cons: Some may find the smaller bags unnecessary.

Vandoona Shoe Bag Set
CREDIT: Amazon

5. Yeelee Mesh Laundry Bags

These fine polyester mesh bags featuring anti-rust, auto-lock zippers come in a pack of six different sized bags, with two larger styles being suited to fit shoes.

Pros: The smaller bags provided are great for washing delicates, as well as kid’s clothing and shoes.

Cons: Some may find them a little flimsy.


6. Splf Heavy-Duty Mesh Laundry Bags

These bags are sold as a four-pack with two large and two extra-large bags. They’re made of fine polyester and have rust-proof, auto-lock zippers to safeguard your items.

Pros: A honeycomb fabric design enhances security during the wash cycle. They’re also big enough to use with sweaters and jeans.

Cons: Some may find the zipper can get stuck.

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