Best Shoe Lifts for Women

In addition to giving you a height boost, shoe lifts can be used to help improve gait and relieve pain from Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis or heel spurs. They can also help correct a leg length discrepancy. Good ones should be durable and comfortable so you almost forget you even have an insert inside your shoe. Here, to help narrow down the options on the market, we did some research and curated a brief list featuring some of the best shoe lifts for women. Each of our picks is reasonably priced and offers a supportive fit.

1. SOL3 Quick Lifts

These lifts are made with shock-absorbing gel foam cushioning that delivers form-fitting comfort.

Pros: With an adjustable elevation design, you can add up to a half-inch boost of height. They’re also available in a 1-inch option.

Cons: Some may find they a tad narrow.

SOL3 Quick Lifts
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2. Mars Wellness Orthopedic Heel Lift

This option features three 1/8-inch layers that are firm but comfortable. The top two layers are removable.

Pros: A suede top layer helps to prevent sweating. They come in multiple sizes.

Cons: They may not always stay in place.

Mars Wellness Orthopedic Heel Lift
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3. Dr. Foot Heel Lifts

These gel foam lifts should fit most shoes and feature a shock-absorbing Honeycomb design.

Pros: The brand offers a one year warranty. They come in pink and blue. An anti-slip top layer fabric wicks away sweat. These are offered in a 0.6, 1 inch and 1.4-inch option.

Cons: Some may find them too wide.

dr. foot height increase insoles
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