Best Post-Workout Sprays for Freshening Up

Managing to fit a workout into a busy day can be tough — not to mention when factoring in shower time after you exercise. While it’s best to fully bathe following a grueling workout, after-workout sprays can be a great temporary fix when you’re in a hurry and not too sweaty. These revitalizing products can be used to prevent body odor or come as facial mists to refresh your skin and reduce redness. These sprays from ArtNaturals, Eau Thermale and more are perfect to keep in your gym bag. Even if you suffer from sensitive skin, there’s an option here for you ahead.

1. SweatWellth Power Shower Post Workout Spray

Clean your whole body post-workout with SweatWellth’s cleansing spray.

Pros: All you have to do is spray this product on and wipe it off to cleanse the skin. It contains coconut oil, which helps nourish and kill bacteria that causes foul odors. This spray uses the brand’s Encapsulated Refresh Technology, continuously releasing core ingredients to cleanse and refresh the skin for up to three hours after use. A scent combination of bergamot, lush greens and oak moss is neutral enough for both men and women to enjoy.

Cons: The nozzle cap must be secured or this could leak.

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2. Eau Thermale Avène Mist Spray

Eau Thermale is a facial mist used to hydrate skin on the go; it’s especially useful after an intense workout.

Pros: With low mineral content so as not to dry the skin, this spray includes ingredients like amino acids and sugars designed to prevent itching and irritation. Its soothing, antioxidant-rich properties also help calm redness after a long gym session and restore the skin’s natural balance post-sweat. A blend of calcium and magnesium are meant to improve skin texture.

Cons: The nozzle may get clogged if not cleaned properly after use.

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3. ArtNaturals Cooling Mineral-Water Spray

ArtNaturals’ cooling spray includes fresh mineral water as its primary ingredient to help hydrate the skin.

Pros: The combination of aloe vera extract with cucumber extract gives this spray ultimate calming abilities, especially when used after a particularly warm job or intense gym session. The mineral water helps remove lingering perspiration from the surface of the skin as well.

Cons: The pump may be harder to work than other products.

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