Best Patterned Bandages for All Ages

Patterned bandages offer a fun and stylish alternative to conventional first aid kit essentials. And there’s no reason to sacrifice any functional benefits when shopping for this more aesthetically pleasing version. Look for patterned bandages  made with anti-bacterial fabrics that help prevent infection and tough adhesives that should stay on even after washing your hands or taking a shower. If you have sensitive skin, choose options that are hypoallergenic and latex-free. There’s a wide variety of patterned styles available for “Frozen” fanatics, cartoon lovers and more. See the best patterned bandages perfect for all age ahead.

1. Band Aid Frozen Assorted Bandages

This pack has 20 bandages of various sizes, all featuring iconic imagery from “Frozen.”

Pros: Characters like Elsa, Anna, Olaf appear throughout. They also include a non-stick Comfort pad to enhance wearability for little ones. They’re latex-free.

Cons: The adhesive might not be as strong on this style.


2. SmileMakers First Aid Clifford Bandages

These Clifford-inspired bandages are individually-wrapped and come as a pack of 100.

Pros: They’re latex-free and made with a stat-strip seal so you can open them easily, meaning even kids can apply them on their own. Their design should hold up through everyday wear and activities.

Cons: For some users, the stat-strip seal can take time to get accustomed to opening.


3. Welly Patterned Bandages

Each tin comes with 48 bandages in three designs: unicorns, rainbows and colorful rain drops.

Pros: They’re made with latex-free fabric and designed to hold up when worn in water. The flexible design also comes in two sizes to better fit different areas of the body.

Cons: These products are on the smaller and narrower side.


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