Best Neck Massage Pillows

Whether staring down at your computer for hours or sitting in a plane seat without a comfortable head rest, your neck can quickly become sore without proper support. Poor posture with your head leaning forward for extended periods of time can lead to tense muscles and soreness. The pain can even extend to your back and shoulders, making it difficult to feel comfortable with any new position or movement. Fortunately, you don’t need to go to a professional massage therapist to get relief. For an at-home fix, try a neck massage pillow. Look for options with multiple massage nodes and a heat setting option, so they can relax the muscles while loosening up the area. Those targeting your entire back can provide more comprehensive results, too. See the best neck massage pillows we found ahead.

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1. Naipo Shiatsu Neck Massage Pillow

With a plug-in design, the massager features four bi-directional massage nodes with a W-shaped silhouette, back strap and comes with home and car chargers.

Pros: Its elastic straps can be placed on the back of a chair or car seat, making it versatile enough to use anywhere you go. The controllable heat setting goes up to 112-degrees to loosen any tension and will automatically turn off after 20 minutes for safe use

Cons: Note that this is a heavy-duty item and can be too intense for some users.


2. Zyllion Shiatsu Back & Neck Massager

Featuring a slim vegan leather design, this four-node massager offers a heat-control setting and automatic shut off protection. It even comes with a car charger.

Pros: Mesh detailing on the pillow provides breathability, while adjustable straps allow you to place the pillow on any seat. Each full charge lasts for 2 hours or more, making this a lightweight and easy device to take for relief on the go.

Cons: It offers less heat than some other choices on the market.


3. Snailax Shiatsu Massage Pillow

With a full cozy textile exterior, this deep tissue massage device has four rotating nodes with optional heat therapy, adjustable outer flap details and car and home chargers.

Pros: This product targets tense muscles while cushioning the rest of the area. In addition to your neck, it can be used on your lower back, stomach and legs, too. You can adjust the heat setting to your preference and flap details to fit most seats.

Cons: Note that this item is not designed for heavy-duty heat massage therapy.


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