Best Nail Tips

Nail tips are an easy way to achieve a flawless at-home manicure. They often come in white for completing french manicures or clear, which can be painted over with any polish color. You can also use an acrylic nail cutter to cut styles to your desired length or shape. Whether you’re looking for a natural look or a standout silhouette, we rounded up come of the best nail tips for every taste. They come in expansive sets with a mix of sizes so you can perfectly fit them to each nail.

1. Makartt Oval Nails Tips

Made with sturdy thermoplastic, this pack of 500 oval-shaped tips shouldn't break easily.

Pros: They come in various sizes.

Cons: Because these tips are so durable, it may be harder to file them down.

markatt, nail tips
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

2. BTArtbox Coffin Nails

Offered in a 500-piece set, these long, clear tips should seamlessly attach to the nail bed.

Pros: They're also made from non-toxic material.

Cons: These may be more curved than other tips.

nail tips, coffin
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

3. ECBasket Nail Tips

This set of 500 tips, made of eco-friendly material, offers an even base for french manicures.

Pros: They're designed to last up to three weeks.

Cons: These may fit too small on larger nailbeds.

ecbasket, nail tips
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

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