Best Nail Shiner Kits For Healthy & Smooth Manicures

Grooming and taking the time to care for your nails should make them look better, not worse. While filing nails is an important part of your beauty routine, traditional emery board variations can damage the surface and tear the keratin (nail protein) layers. An easy swap to save your nails from breaking is to start using a glass nail file. These products have a slick, smooth surface making them less harsh on your nails and promotes a glossy, refined surface. Unlike files with rough surfaces, you can wipe them down with soap and water to prevent any unwanted build-up. These glass tools are also more sustainable because they are less likely to wear out over time. For better, stronger nails, discover some of the best kits we’ve found.

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1. Dr. Mode Glass Nail Shine Kit

In a set of two, each glass nail file comes with its own box and is made from nano-glass.

Pros: They offer a file and buffer and can be used on both natural and artificial nails.

Cons: You have to be careful not to drop and break them.


2. Bona Fide Beauty Glass Nail Shine Set

Each equipped with a case, tese nail files offer a two-in-one silhouette with a filing tool on one side and a buffer on the other.

Pros: You can use these products to smooth over any surface bumps and ridges.

Cons: Note that they're on the small side.


3. Pretty Diva Glass Nail Shiner

Featuring a rough side for filing and a smooth side for shining, each nail file is made from nano-glass and comes with a case to use routinely after rinsing clean.

Pros: This is a portable, all-in-one tool to shape, file, buffer, and remove any unwanted layers (polish or damaged nail protein) from the surface.

Cons: The shine can appear uneven up close.


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