Best Massage Drill Guns

In lieu of a basic foam roller, some have taken to using percussive handheld massage guns that deliver rapid, vibrating bursts of pressure to work away aggravating knots and boost circulation. These tools, which look something like a power drill with an LCD display, are believed to help speed up muscle recovery, reduce soreness and increase range of motion. When shopping for one, you should consider its power, battery life and the level of noise it makes. Ideally, it shouldn’t sound like a power tool. Here, we did some research and rounded up a few of the best massage guns on the market for full-body muscle relief. Each one should be easy to grip, provide six hours of use after a full charge and include multiple interchangeable heads to target different areas.

1. LifePro Sonic Massage Gun

This tool comes with five different levels of RPM from 1200 to 2,800 and five massage heads of different shapes to target different areas of the body: round, spinal, flat and two bullet-shaped.

Pros: It uses a brushless motor to help keep noise to a minimum. It includes an instruction booklet and video tutorial guide. The battery is made to last three to six hours. It comes in blue, red and silver.

Cons: Some may find it a tad heavy.

Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun
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2. Aldom Massage Gun

This deep tissue style features six massage heads and a whopping 30 speed levels ranging between 1,800 to 4,800 RPM.

Pros: A textured handled offers good grip. It comes with an LCD touch screen display that allows for easy adjustments and notifies you of power loss. The battery should last up to 10 hours. The unit is relatively noiseless.

Cons: Some may find even the lowest setting too strong.

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3. Darkiron Massage Gun

This device features 30 different speed levels from 400 to 3300 RPM and comes with six replaceable massage heads for targeted relief.

Pros:  It features a touch display screen that allows you to adjust the intensity and view power levels. The battery is capable of lasting up to six hours. An ergonomically designed grip helps minimizes external vibration, while silicone helps you securely hold the unit while in use.

Cons: The battery doesn’t last as long as those on other models.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon


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