The Best Leg Stretching Devices to Help You Get Your Splits

For anyone with tight muscles or who’s working to improve their flexibility, bar leg stretchers might just become your new best friend. These three-pronged devices split your legs and gradually allow you to target your hamstrings and hip abductors as well as your quads and groin. By spreading your legs wider and wider, you can achieve deeper, more prolonged stretches as compared to attempting a split on your own. They’re easy to use; just make sure you warm your muscles up first for best results.

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1. Figrol Leg Stretcher

The tubular steel structure of this option is sturdy and non-slip.

Pros: Each pole is adjustable in length so you can shorten or elongate it as needed; the footrests are made from thickened, wear-resistant foam to prevent scuffs and damage.

Cons: The handles may not sit flush on the ground at times.

figrol, leg stretcher
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

2. Tiger Claw Steel Leg Stretcher

Designed to develop flexibility and balance, this steel stretcher is a sturdy and easy to use option.

Pros: It comes with padded footrests so you can feel more comfortable as well as an adjustable pull bar to achieve deeper stretches.

Cons: Assembly is required.

tiger claw, leg stretcher
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

3. Covvy Leg Stretcher

This style features heavy-duty gym-quality bars, yet is lightweight and easy to carry as it neatly folds up for convenient storage.

Pros: It comes with a belt for advancing your stretches and uses anti-skid soft foam rubber grips for long-term use with a snap-lock format.

Cons: There may not be assembly instructions.

covvy, leg stretcher
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon
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