Best Leg Resistance Bands

If you’re looking for an easy way to gain strength and increase your speed during sports and any sort of physical activity, using leg resistance bands can do the trick. Complete with swiveling clips at both ends for full range of motion during multi-directional exercises, these bands attach to leg straps that sit just above the knee for added resistance. One longer band goes in the front while another shorter one goes in the back, allowing for maximum muscle activation from the knees to the lower abs. Here, we rounded up some of the best leg resistance bands on the market. Each option is sturdy and offers multiple levels of difficulty so you can customize your routine.

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1. Kbands Leg Resistance Bands

This set made for athletes over 110 pounds includes two adjustable leg straps, two red bands for 30 pounds of resistance, two orange bands for 40 pounds, two green bands for 55 pounds and two blue bands for 85 pounds.

Pros: It comes with a mesh travel bag for convenient on the go use and digital training workouts to guide you. These are also offered for users under 110 pounds.

Cons: The velcro on the leg straps may begin to wear over time.

kbands Speed and Strength Leg Resistance Bands
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2. Exceler8 Athletics Dynamx Resistance Bands

With this set, you get two adjustable neoprene straps for your legs, a pair of bonus ankle straps and four sets of bands with iron clips offering different levels of resistance from 20 to 80 pounds.

Pros: This pick also comes with a vented travel bag and access to online videos and a digital workout program. The bands are sheathed for protection.

Cons: The thigh straps may run on the smaller side.

Exceler8 Athletics Dynamx Resistance Bands
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3. Kinetic Bands Leg Resistance Bands

Like the previous options, this set comes with two adjustable leg straps and four sets of color-coded bands offering varying degrees of resistance for ages 13 and up, from beginner to advanced levels.

Pros: There’s also an option available for athletes 12 and under. You get a mesh carrier bag and access to an online workout guide with exercises to help get you started.

Cons: If you sweat a lot, the straps may slip down the leg.

Kinetic Bands Speed Leg Resistance Bands
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4. FH Extreme Training Leg Resistance Bands

For ages 12 and up, this kit comes with adjustable leg straps featuring steel connection loops, two red bands offering 11 pounds, two green bands for 16 pounds and two black bands for 22 pounds of resistance.

Pros: The thigh straps are padded with extra neoprene for a comfortable grip. This pick also provides a handy drawstring carrying bag and an informational guide.

Cons: The bands may slide down your legs during more intense workouts.

FH Extreme Training Leg Resistance Bands
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5. Wellsem Leg Resistance Bands

This set includes two adjustable foam-padded leg straps fit for ages seven and up, plus two sets of color-coded resistance bands with strong clips that yield about 50 pounds of resistance total.

Pros: With this option, you also get a durable mesh carrying bag to store the straps and bands when they’re not in use.

Cons: Some may find the leg straps can slip at times.

Wellsem Leg Resistance Bands
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6. Instant Speed Training Bands

Unlike the others on our list, this set also comes with a resistance training belt in addition to two red bands offering 25 pounds, two green bands offering 50 pounds, and two blue bands for advanced resistance.

Pros: You also get a mesh carrying beg for on the go use and a helpful workout program. You can choose from two other options without that don’t include the belt.

Cons: Some may prefer lighter resistance options.

Instant Speed Training Bands
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