These Leg Lifter Straps Will Help Make Your Recovery Process Easier

While recovering from surgery, such as a hip or knee replacement, it can be difficult to move around freely the way you did before. That’s where special lifting straps can help. These feature looped ends for your hand and foot so you can safely ramp up mobility and reposition your leg while resting, whether on the bed or couch. These straps can even help you get into a car safely. To ensure you find exactly what you need, we did some research and curated some of the best options on the market. Each pick we chose is easy to use and comes in different lengths.

1. Vive Leg Lifter Strap

This 44-inch nylon strap features a rigid 26-inch-wide foothold loop that’s flexible-yet-rigid to conform to any foot or shoe for a secure ft.

Pros: It’s reinforced with a durable aluminum rod for easy maneuverability.

Cons: Some may wish it was more flexible.

Vive Leg Lifter Strap
CREDIT: Amazon

2. RMS Leg Lifter

This strap is 35 inches long and features a sewn-in metal rod made of strong yet bendable and durable zinc alloy.

Pros: It comes with a lifetime warranty.

Cons: Some may find it to be too short.

RMS Leg Lifter
CREDIT: Amazon

3. Sammons Preston Rigid Leg Lifter

This option features a fully adjustable metal rod in the center and foot portion, and a foot loop opening with grips to keep the foot from slipping.

Pros: It comes in three sizes.

Cons: Some may find it a tad too rigid.

Sammons Preston Rigid Leg Lifter
CREDIT: Amazon

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