Best Ingrown Toenail Drops

Ingrown toenails occur when the nail starts to grow into the surrounding skin and can cause various levels of pain or swelling. Foot traumas such as stubbing your toe, cutting your nails too short or wearing overly tight shoes are all common causes of this uncomfortable ailment. Ingrown toenail drops are an easy over-the-counter solution you can apply to soften and hinder the growth of the curved-in nail while also strengthening the skin surrounding the problem area. This process helps to straighten the nail and relieve pressure for those with mild ingrown toenail cases. (If yours is too painful or severe to treat at home, make sure to visit your podiatrist.) See our best toenail drop finds below.

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1. Gehwol Ingrown Toenail Drops

In 0.5-ounce bottles, this topical fluid is designed to treat ingrown toenails, calluses and corns.

Pros: It’s dermatologist-tested and made from clover oil, which has antimicrobial properties and helps to soothe and soften the skin. This product will make your nails easier to cut and is a vegan option, too.

Cons: You need to remember to apply it twice daily.


2. Dr. Scholls Ingrown Toenail Pain Reliever Gel

This set comes with a 0.3-ounce sodium sulfate gel, foam ring and bandage.

Pros: The gel works to soften the nail and provide quick pain relief, so you can cut the ingrown nail. The cushioned ring and bandage help keep the product on the affected area while protecting the toe from contaminants.

Cons: You might find the gel’s smell to be unpleasant.


3. Uriel Ingrown Toenail Drops

With approximately 0.37 ounces per item, the drops should be applied to the nails two times a day.

Pros: This product is designed to soften and straighten the nail as well as smooth calloused tissue. This will allow the nail to grow back properly and hopefully prevent future ingrown toenails.

Cons: These drops aren’t suitable for those with diabetes.

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