Heat Up These Massage Stones for Relaxation Benefits & Foot Pain Relief

Hot stones are a massage tool known to promote relaxation and therapeutic benefits. They can provide relief for foot cramps and achy arches, as well as for muscle tightness and spasms all over the body. When warmed and applied to skin, they’re also believed to boost circulation and even help reduce stress. First, you’ll want to heat them in a temperature-controlled device, such as a professional tool or Crock-pot, ensuring the temperature is around 110 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. After, place small stones in between the toes and wrap a towel around each foot to lock in warmth and keep the stones in place. Leave the stones on for three to four minutes for optimal soothing effects. Ready to try the practice for yourself? Ahead, shop some great massage stone sets and kits to help you get your zen on.

1. Bestnewie Hot Stone Massage Kit

This pack comes with 11 total stones: five small, four medium, and two large ones. It also comes with a mushroom-shaped massage tool and a velvet storage bag.

Pros: You can make only one purchase for full-body use.

Cons: No instructions are included. 



2. TIR Massage Stones

This option comes with eight small-shaped stones, all done in a smooth, non-slippery texture.

Pros: You can only buy the stone sizes suited for foot use.

Cons: They might be too small for use on other body parts.


3. Zabrina Massage Stone Set

With a total of 16 pieces included, this style features eight small, four medium, and four large stones.

Pros: Each of the different-sized stones has a uniform shape for easy application.

Cons: They're on the flat side.


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