Best Gel Foot Wraps to Help Alleviate Pain From Plantar Fasciitis & Other Foot Issues

A gel foot wrap can be great for relieving muscle soreness and pain from issues like plantar fasciitis, arthritis and carpal tunnel. The wrap can be either warmed up in the microwave to serve as a hot pad or popped in the freezer for cooling effects, depending on what type of issue you’re dealing with. The best kinds should also offer compression, which can reduce swelling and inflammation. With that in mind, we rounded up some great options for your consideration. We included two that are designed to lift the plantar fascia tissue to help relieve arch and heel pain and one style that wraps around your ankle as well as your foot for extended support.

1. NatraCure Cold Therapy Wrap

This option features a reusable cold gel pack and measures 3 inches x 5 inches, with a 14-inch-long compression strap. The strap is made of stretchable nylon with a Velcro hook-and-loop closure for a secure fit.

Pros: You can also buy them as a pack of two, in a 5 inch x 10 inch style with a 24-inch-long strap.

Cons: Some may find the gel pack doesn’t stay cold long enough.

NatraCure Cold Therapy Wrap
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2. Bodyprox Cold & Hot Therapy Wrap

This style also comes with a reusable gel pack that can be frozen or heated and an adjustable 14.5-inch-long strap with Velcro.

Pros: It can simply be wiped down for easy upkeep.

Cons: Some may find the gel pack a tad big.

Bodyprox Cold & Hot Therapy Wrap
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3. Elasto Gel Hot and Cold Wrap

This is made from a tough, flexible high glycerine gel that’s covered with a four-way stretch material for a close-to-skin fit.

Pros: Unlike the other styles on our list, this one wraps around your ankle as well as your foot. It’s latex-free and designed to stay pliable, even when frozen at -20 degrees Fahrenheit. The tough material also shouldn’t leak if punctured. It features an adjustable 27-inch Velcro strap.

Cons: You shouldn’t walk on it.

Elasto Gel Hot and Cold Wrap
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