Best Footwork Ladders for Improving Agility

Mainly used by soccer, basketball and football players, footwork ladders (also known as agility ladders) are designed to help athletes get faster and more nimble on the field or court. Even if you’re not a sports pro, though, these ladders can offer a fun way to switch up anyone’s cardio routine. Plus, they can be used just about anywhere and fold up easily for convenient transport. Depending on your fitness goals, some of these ladders come with other equipment, such as resistance parachutes and cones, too. These additional pieces can help increase your strength and balance. Read on to discover some of the best agility ladders we’ve found to refine your footwork.

1. Yes4All Agility Footwork Ladder

With built-in hurdles, this 2-in-1 device allows for control and cardio exercises.

Pros: Nylon straps allow you to adjust the flat rungs at any distance to suit your preference. You can choose a style with six, eight or 12 rungs. The unit is made of durable plastic and comes with a carrying case.

Cons: No guide is included.


2. Juvale Speed and Agility Ladder Set

This set comes with a 20-foot ladder, 6 disc cones, 4 steel stakes and a resistance parachute.

Pros: It’s fully customizable so you can create various tracks that engage different muscle groups and help improve speed. This kit also features a carrying bag for the ladder.

Cons: The ladder can be hard to set up.


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