Best Foot Scrubber Pads for Clean Soles

Foot health is an important factor that many people tend to overlook. However, if you have back, knee or hip problems or are pregnant, then bending over to clean your feet is especially difficult. A foot scrubber pad is a great solution; these pads stick to the bottom of your tub or shower via suction cups and let you clean the soles of your feet as you stand on them. Complete with massaging bristles often made of fiber or PVC, these pads work to rid your foot of dead skin and unpleasant odors, while also helping improve circulation.

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1. Body & Sole Soapy Soles Foot Scrubbing Pad

Body & Sole provides a single foot-shaped pad with a suctioning bottom to attach to bathroom floors.

Pros: This pad includes 1,500 massage bristles to clean the bottom and sides of your feet without making you bend over to scrub them. The single-foot design allows you to target one foot at a time, staying balanced on the other without putting all your weight onto the pad.

Cons: The brand warns that if your tub or shower floor has an uneven or porous surface, the product may not be able to suction to it properly.

body and sole foot scrubber pad
CREDIT: Amazon

2. Love, Lori Shower Foot Scrubber

With a nonslip rubber grip on the bottom, Love, Lori’s scrubber is big enough to clean both feet at once with hundreds of massaging fibers.

Pros: The structure of the bristles on this pad is meant to get into those hard-to-reach places between your toes and on the curves of your feet. The massager is made to increase blood flow to your feet for better circulation in your legs as well.

Cons: The pad may be too short for large feet to completely fit all at once.

love lori foot scrubber pad
CREDIT: Amazon

3. Senma Electronics Shower Foot Scrubber

Clean both feet at once with Senma Electronics’ square-shape foot scrubber.

Pros: The pad includes a mix of larger and finer bristles, with heightened ones in the middle providing added support for your arches. With a suction cup bottom, it stays gripped to your tub to let you work away dead skin cells, foot odor and fungus.

Cons: The bristles may be too rough or stiff for sensitive feet or low arches.

senma electronics foot scrubber pad
CREDIT: Amazon
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