Best Foot Hammocks to Ease Lower Back and Joint Pain

Foot hammocks are useful when you’ll be sitting for extended periods of time, making them great to use at work or during a long flight. The hammock-like foot rests elevate your feet to help improve circulation and decrease strain on your lower back and knees. Simply sling them over the tray table on the seat in front of you or mount them under your desk at home using hooks. Wherever you plan to use one, these quality picks have you covered. They’re all sturdy yet lightweight and amply cushioned for enhanced comfort.

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1. Basic Concepts Foot Hammock

This foot hammock features memory foam lining and has an adjustable strap, allowing you to increase the length anywhere from 17-inches to 34-inches.

Pros: This product’s adjustable length makes it a great option to attach to any tray table or desk.

Cons: It might take some time to find the right length for your body, so leave ample time to set this one up before enjoying your flight or diving into your inbox.


2. Angemay Foot Hammock

This foot hammock is designed with a thick memory foam lining and has little holes for air ventilation throughout.

Pros: This product has an extra-large footbed and adjustable straps, too.

Cons: For those expecting a pillow-like cushion, please note that this product has a medium thickness, making it easier to carry for travel.


3. Jueying Foot Hammock

This foot hammock features a 32-inch strap and is crafted from nylon material with a memory foam interior.

Pros: The adjustable strap works to ease any muscle pain or swelling, especially for those with shorter legs. The product is machine washable, too.

Cons: The strap might be a little short for those with long legs who plan on resting their legs for an extended period.

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