Best Flexible Bandages That Move With You

It’s always a good idea to have adhesive bandages on hand for unexpected scrapes and cuts. You want to look for stretchy, slightly thick options that can withstand everyday movement and some interaction with water, such as washing your hands or taking a shower. An assorted pack provides you with options of various sizes for covering different types of minor injuries, but you can also buy packs in standard, uniform sizes. Whatever your preference, here are the best flexible bandages we’ve found.

1. Band-Aid Assorted Adhesive Bandages

This variety packs come with 100 small, medium, and large-sized bandages for versatility.

Pros: Memory-Wave fabric on both sides offers a movable fit, while strong adhesive ensures these should stay on the skin for 24 hours. They also feature non-stick pads for pain-free removal.

Cons: These can be painful to remove.


2. Solimo Assorted Size Adhesive Bandages

This box of 100 contains small, medium, and large bandages made with soft fabric.

Pros: The strips seal and stretch with your skin to last through a day of normal use. These also are rubber and latex-free, so there’s they shouldn’t trigger any allergic reactions.

Cons: They can leave a little residue after removal.


3. All-Health Variety Pack Adhesive Bandages

This 200-count package offers small, medium and large bandages made with non-stick padding.

Pros: These are also breathable, latex-free and feature a four-sided seal around the middle padding to help block out contaminants.

Cons: It has fewer medium and larger band-aids.


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