The Best Face Mask Lanyards for Kids

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Originally designed to hold eyeglasses, lanyards for face masks have become an essential accessory for 2020.

Brands are slowly starting to market lanyards for face masks to help make wearing a cover easier during the day-to-day routine. A lanyard is great way for kids to keep track of their face masks, thanks to the strap that comfortably sits on the neck. There are several options, many of which are adjustable, making them a great option for kids heading back to school.

Shoppers looking to add a personal touch to their face mask can also find highly customizable options online. Letter beads and colored straps are just some of the features masks online boast.

Below, take a look at the best face mask lanyards suitable for kids available on Amazon and Etsy.com.

Paracord Face Mask Lanyard

Nylon lanyards are great for sports and the classroom. This paracord face mask lanyard for kids on Etsy comes in several colorways, including solid and multi-colored options. For $3.50, shoppers can stock up on a few to prepare for the season ahead.

kids face mask lanyard, face mask lanyard, etsy landyard
CREDIT: Courtesy of Etsy

Kids Cords by Finn

Shoppers worried about their child losing a mask at school should check our this colorful beaded face mask lanyard from FestiveFringeAndFete on Etsy. According to the maker’s page, Kids Cords by Finn were inspired by the Etsy user’s five-year-old son, Finn (who even helps his mom make them). The letter bead mask is a great way to ensure your kid won’t lose their mask while out in public.

face mask lanyard for kids, beaded lanyard, etsy landyard
CREDIT: Courtesy of Etsy

Solid Color Lanyard Pack

For those looking to order a bundle, this Solid Color Lanyard Pack on Amazon comes in packs of two, five and ten. The kid’s face mask lanyard also has a safety breakaway clip in the back in case it gets tangled or stuck. The lanyard comes in a few color options, too.

kids face mask lanyard, amazon lanyard, kids lanyard

Stretchy Face Mask Lanyard

Kids will enjoy these stretchy face mask lanyards made from a cotton-elastic blend. In addition to the plastic adjuster on the back, the fabric face mask lanyards come with nifty snaps that will keep face masks secure. The Etsy-made mask is 10% off for a limited time.

kids face mask landyards, etsy face mask lanyard, fabric lanyard
CREDIT: Courtesy of Etsy

Patterned Fabric Face Mask Lanyard

Another fabric face mask lanyard option comes in several patterns and colorways. BarkIt’s face mask lanyard on Etsy has nine fabric options to choose from, including tie-dye, emoji and purple zebra. The adjustable mask lanyard is great for kids thanks to the plastic tab in the back.

kids fabric face mask lanyard, face mask lanyard, kids lanyard
CREDIT: Courtesy of Etsy

Breakaway Mask Lanyard

Shoppers looking for a kid’s face mask lanyard with breakaway options should peep this breakaway face mask lanyard. The Etsy face mask comes in a range of colors and is deemed a bestseller. Shoppers should note this face mask lanyard is one size fits all.

etsy face mask lanyard, kids face mask lanyard, mask landyard
CREDIT: Courtesy of Etsy

Snap Face Mask Lanyard

Face mask lanyards have the option of coming with clasps, clips and snaps. This Etsy-made face mask features white snaps that will securely hold a face mask. The kid-sized lanyard also comes in over a dozen styles.

kids face mask lanyard, adjustable face mask lanyard, snaps lanyard
CREDIT: Courtesy of Etsy

Color Cord Lanyard

Kids can get colorful with this face mask color cord lanyard. Available in ten solid colors, the $3.19 is a great option to stock up. Plus, the Etsy lanyard is now 20% off for a limited time now.

kids face mask lanyard, etsy face mask lanyard, mask lanyard
CREDIT: Courtesy of Etsy

Patterned Fabric Lanyard

Shoppers who like a cotton-elastic cord should also check out this patterned fabric lanyard on Etsy. The pack of three comes in a few colorways.

kids face mask lanyard, mask lanyard, etsy landyard
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

Beaded Face Mask Lanyard

For those looking to find a more fashion-forward option, Etsy’s DaintyEcho makes these chic beaded face mask lanyards. The lanyard was designed with kids in mind and has four sizes perfect for kindergarten through 12th grade students.

kids face mask lanyard, lanyard, etsy face mask lanyard
CREDIT: Courtesy of Etsy

Adjustable Face Mask Holder

Another face mask lanyard that’s also great for the whole family is this adjustable face mask holder. A bestseller on Etsy, this lanyard boasts five and a half stars.

face mask lanyards for kids and adults, face mask lanyard, etsy lanyard
CREDIT: Courtesy of Etsy

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