Best Ear Savers for a Comfortable Mask-Wearing Experience

While wearing a face mask is essential to protect yourself and others, comfort is also key. One of the main issues that come with wearing these products is that they can strain your ears because of the loops of a face mask that hug your ears tightly. In fact, they can cause irritation and discomfort. Switching to masks with cotton fiber ties or wearing neck gaiters might help solve this common dilemma. Fortunately, ear savers are a simple solution that can offer a reprieve from discomfort. Here, we’ve done the research and rounded up our favorites on the market.

1. Motoba Ear Saver Grips

Available in many colors and quantities, this comes in sets ranging from 5 to 100 pieces.

Pros: They are practical for many face shapes and easy to wash.

Cons: It extends 7 inches, so very wide faces might find it snug.


2. Tooveren Mask Extender

Made from silicone, these ear savers come in several variety packs and come with 5-100 items per package.

Pros: You get the amount you need in different colors.

Cons: They are on the shorter side.


3. Effe Ear Pain Relief Hooks

Offered in packs of 10, these masks have 3 openings to suit most face shapes.

Pros: They are great for both kids and adults.

Cons: Those with larger faces should double-check the dimensions.


4. Alameda Ear Savers

These ear savers come in a pack of 5 and are made from silicone.

Pros: The textile makes them softer and more comfortable to wear.

Cons: You’ll need to hook the mask carefully so it doesn’t come undone.


5. E-Coastal Mask Strap Extenders

In color options from black and blue to pink and white, these ear savers come in packs of 10.

Pros: The items are adjustable and have sturdy extension buckles.

Cons: They run on the thin side.


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