Best Double-Sided Foot Files With Grit Strips

Foot files come in handy for buffing dry, cracked heels. Styles with different levels of exfoliation allow you to get a more precise and comfortable experience. A good one should ideally be made of strong, sturdy stainless steel that won’t rust and be easy to maneuver. Here, we rounded up the best double-sided foot files on the market that come with replaceable grit strips. So, if you have some stubborn calluses, keep reading.

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1. Homeve Pedicure Foot File

This file includes 10 replacement filing strips with a coarse and fine side.

Pros: It features a sturdy handle that’s easy to grip.

Cons: Some may find the adhesive paper a bit tricky to remove.

Homeve Pedicure Foot File
CREDIT: Courtesy. of Amazon

2. ForPro Stainless Steel Pedi File Kit

This file comes with 12 strips total offering different levels of grit on each side.

Pros: Each filing strip features an EZ-strip peel-off backing.

Cons: Some may find the strips leaves a residue.

ForPro Stainless Steel Pedi File Kit
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

3. Lifestan Pedicure Foot File

This model provides six coarser strips and six less-abrasive strips.

Pros: The handle should fit optimally in the palm of your hand.

Cons: The strips may be difficult to get off.

Lifestan Pedicure Foot File
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon
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