Best Cuticle Scraper & Pusher Tools

Cuticles create a barrier that prevent germs, bacteria and fungus from infiltrating the nail bed, so you want to take extra care when removing this skin to avoid creating a breeding ground for infection. You can gently push back your cuticles or scrape away dead skin to keep nails looking polished. Before you begin, apply cuticle oil to hydrate the area or jump in the shower, which can soften up the skin. Then, use a dual-sided tool with a flat side to help you push the cuticle back and a sharper, curved end to scrape away any dead skin cells. Stainless steel options stay sharp for effective results and are easy to clean in between uses. Many also come in sets with trimmers and polish scrapers, too. Read on to see the best cuticle scraper and pusher tools we’ve found.

1. Utopia Care Cuticle Pusher

Crafted from stainless steel, this tool features a curved pusher on one end that mimics your nail curvature and a sharp-angled head for getting rid of hangnails on the other.

Pros: The tool also has a gripped center area for comfortable use.

Cons: Please note that the ends are very sharp.


2. Opove Cuticle Pusher & Scraper Set

This kit includes two tools: one with a flat-ended spoon and fork-shaped cuticle trimmer and another tool with a triangular-shaped cuticle pusher and sharp cuticle nipper.

Pros: The various heads allow you to reach different angles. Each piece has a non-slip grip.

Cons: Be gentle when using this to push your cuticles back.


3. FantaSea Cuticle Pusher & Spoon

Also made entirely of stainless steel, this option features a rounded cuticle pusher that won't scratch nails, as well as a small spoon head for cleaning under nails.

Pros: A non-slip gripper in the middle allows for better handling, so it's easier to be precise.

Cons: Some users may find the rubber grip difficult to work with.


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