Help Ease a Range of Mobility Issues With These Crutch Options

Crutches, a familiar health aid for those with short-term disabilities to lifetime impairments, are designed to offer stability and balance while reducing pressure on the legs. Conditions that may require a person to use crutches include cerebral palsy to everyday sprains and fractures. Crutches, however, are not a one-size-fits all product. They range from traditional underarm styles to forearm versions that can alleviate underarm pressure. There are also hands-free knee alternatives that allow for even more mobility. When considering crutches, look for styles that address your individual height and weight needs, with many versions easily adjustable. To make sure you’ve selected the proper crutches for your condition, make sure to consult a health-care professional. And, if crutches are used for a short-term issue, they can often be donated to a health-care organization for future use. Here, FN has rounded up a range of crutch options.

1. Moiblegs Ultra Crutches

The ergonomic hand grips allow users to keep hands in a more comfortable neutral position, while the legs are offset to provide ample hip clearance to limit tripping. It can accommodate adults from 4’9″ to 6″4″ and up to 300 pounds.

Pros: Enhanced stability, cushioned hand grips prevent calluses and they are lightweight.

Cons: Noisy on hard surfaces and too top-heavy to stand upright against a wall when not in use.

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2. iWalk Hands Free Knee Crutch

This hands-free design converts for either leg and features an ergonomic knee pad with three layers of dual-density cushioning.

Pros: Allows for greater mobility including navigating steps and housekeeping tasks, while also allowing the user to also carry items by hand.

Cons: Difficult to adjust height pins and takes balance to position the knee properly. Sold separately.

iwalk, crutches
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

3. Hugo Lightweight Adjustable Crutch

Adjustable design with cushioned hand grips for shock absorption and perspiration control. Contoured crutch tips provide enhanced traction with floor surfaces. It can support up to 300 pounds and heights from 5’2″ to 5’10” for this medium adult size.

Pros: Sturdy design with wide tips that offer enhanced stability and support on both hard and soft surfaces.

Cons: Consider adding additional under arm pads for more cushioning.

hugo crutches
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

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