Best Cast Toe Covers for Warmth

Getting a cast put on your leg or foot is never fun because it can be hard to adjust to having reduced mobility. And if you have an itch underneath the hard casing? Forget about it. There is one issue you can quickly solve to make your life a little easier though. If you get cold toes while wearing your cast, try a cast toe cover. These slide over exposed toes to keep them warm and protected from dirt and wet weather and are secured at the back with a slingback strap. For shopping made easy, we rounded up some of the best options on the market, complete with adjustable straps for a comfortable fit. They also feature added grips on the bottom so you’ll have traction while wearing these when your leg or foot is finally able to bear some weight.

1. Pembrook Cast Toe Cover

Clip on this washable cast toe cover from Pembrook to protect your toes.

Pros: Made from ultrasoft fleece fabric, this cover slides over the front of your foot to keep toes clean and warm. The bottom is coated with slip-free grips for weight-bearing traction with an adjustable strap to fit over every type of cast.

Cons: The strap may slip down on casts.

pembrook cast toe cover
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2. Impresa Cast Socks

These cast toe covers slip on over your foot to cover your exposed toes.

Pros: Impresa uses soft fleece with a velvet lining to provide warmth. The bottoms of the covers are coated in grips to keep you sturdy while walking. Coming in a two-pack, you can always have your toes covered while you wash the other sock.

Cons: These are one size fits most, so they may be too big on kids’ feet and too small on larger men’s shoe sizes.

impresa cast toe socks
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3. BrightCare Cast Toe Cover

BrightCare’s breathable sock cover uses an adjustable strap to help you find the right fit.

Pros: With a rubber bottom to keep you steady on your feet, this durable cast toe cover keeps toes covered from weather and dirt.

Cons: The strap may not be long enough for certain casts.

brightcare cast toe cover
CREDIT: Amazon

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