Sturdy Wraps to Help Stabilize A Broken Toe

Although it may seem like a simple problem, it’s always best to visit a doctor if you suspect you have a broken toe. That’s because without the proper care, your toe could heal improperly if it’s been pushed out of alignment, and that can later lead to issues like arthritis. If your doctor confirms the fraction is minor and the toe isn’t out of alignment, he or she may suggest skipping a walking boot or toe splint in favor of a less bulky solution. This can include ‘”buddy taping” the broken toe to the adjacent toe with adhesive wrap or opting for a special toe wrap to help stabilize your toe. Unlike tape, however, toe wraps often come with built-in padding for convenient comfort and they are easier to apply. With this in mind, we rounded up a range of broken-toe wraps you can buy.

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1. ZenToes Broken Toe Wraps

ZenToes creates cushioned toe wraps that help stabilize and straighten broken toes. Bonus: They’re offered in a pack of four.

Pros: They’re made from nonslip, washable material so you can reuse them. They feature an adhesive closure and light padding for easy use and optimal comfort.

Cons: These are one size fits most, so they may feel loose on smaller toes.

zentoes broken toe wrap
CREDIT: Amazon

2. ProFoot Toe Straighter

ProFoot’s loop toe wraps are designed to keep toes aligned.

Pros: The soft foam material pads and cushions the injury, reducing impact while you’re walking.

Cons: The loop may be too large to be worn on a broken pinky toe.

profoot toe wrap
CREDIT: Amazon

3. 3-Point Products Toe Loops

Wrap up your toes in 3-Point Products’ washable and reusable toe loop wraps.

Pros: This bandagelike wrap reduces irritation between the toes with its softer outer material. The slim design is made for comfortable wear inside shoes.

Cons: The outer edge of the closure strap can itself rub between other unaffected toes and cause irritation.

3 point products toe wrap
CREDIT: Amazon

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