Best Blister Bandages & Pads

Blisters on the heels or toes are often caused by friction, which occurs between skin and the inside of shoes that are too tight or ill-fitting. Blister bandages and pads create a barrier that can prevent these painful sores, or reduce rubbing if they’ve already occurred. Adhesive bandages stick directly to skin and can be placed anywhere on the foot, while pads stick to the inside of the shoe, usually near the heel,w sides or under the toes. No matter which style you’re in the market for, see our best finds below.


1. Spenco Soothing Protection Squares

These small adhesive patches are made predominately from water to remove any burning sensations.

Pros: They're latex-free and hypoallergenic. They can also moisturize dry skin, and come in a jar with 200 squares per order.

Cons: They might not be large enough to cover all blisters.


2. Band-Aid Hydro-Seal Adhesive Bandages

Dual-sided seals on these bandages prevent water, dirt or germs from infecting the area.

Pros: They adhere to the skin and should fall off once the blister heals. They feature thick cushioning and come with six bandages per box.

Cons: Be careful when putting on your shoes after applying these so they don't fall off.


3. Engo Blister Prevention Patches

They're each 0.015-inches thick and can be cut fit many areas inside the shoe.

Pros: With your purchase, you get four large and two small oval-shaped patches in a pack. They're also water-resistant and feel smooth with socks.

Cons: Each patch might not last many uses.


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