Improve Your Stability & Core Strength by Training With a Balance Pad

Made of squishy, yielding foam, balance pads create a slightly unstable surface that when integrated into your workout routine, can improve stability, coordination and core strength. They can be an especially great tool for rehabilitation after sustaining an injury. Keep one at home or the office and use it to makes yoga poses more challenging, strengthen weak ankles or knees and more. Additionally, their compact, lightweight design also makes them ideal for on the go use. Here, we rounded up some of the best balance pads on the market that are versatile and made of sweat-resistant, slip-proof material that’s also easy to clean.

1. Airex Elite Balance Pad

Special foam technology allows you to sink deeply into this pad for a more challenging workout. It measures approximately 19.7 x 16.1 x 2.5 inches.

Pros: It features an antimicrobial finish. It also comes in other sizes and colors.

Cons: It may start to wear out after two years.

Airex Balance Pad
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

2. Vive Balance Pad

This cushioned pad measures 15.8 x 13.4 inches, easily accommodating wider stances and all shoe sizes.

Pros: It’s offered in black and blue.

Cons: Some may find it on the thinner side.

Vive Balance Pad
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

3. ProsourceFit Exercise Balance Pad

This balance pad measures 15 x 13 inches, but also comes in a larger 15 x 19 option.

Pros: This one comes in black, blue and purple.

Cons: Some may find it too thick.

ProsourceFit Exercise Balance Pad
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

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