Improve Your Flexibility & Performance With These Foot Stretchers

Often used by dancers, gymnasts and cheerleaders, foot stretchers are an effective conditioning device that can help strengthen your arches, Achilles tendon or perfect your pointe. The device, which can be used daily, is comprised of two sections: the base and the foot sleeve. Simply place your leg on the base, where there’s typically padding or an indent for the ankle, and your foot in the sleeve. By straightening out your leg, the base gets longer while keeping your foot in place. This engages your leg, ankle and foot muscles to make them more flexible over time, help improve your form and even prevent future injury. Ahead, shop some great foot stretchers to try.

1. Uboway Ballet Foot Stretcher

This simple, long-lasting option features all of the necessary accessories to get feet stretching.

Pros: It’s made out of wood with a grooved area for your ankle. It comes with a rubber foot sleeve, a tension band, two foam pads and a carrying bag for easy transport.

Cons: It’s important to warm up with the band before using it to prevent injury.


2. Superior Arch Foot Stretcher

Each foot stretcher provides two inches of foam and features a molded incline on the wooden base for your ankle.

Pros: The design gives the heel room to rotate down without causing the unit to dig into the heel bone. The foot straps are adjustable for comfort. Your purchase comes with instructional videos, too.

Cons: For some users, there might not be enough heel cushioning.


3. Lish Ballet Foot Stretcher

With a 2-inch foam overlay, the foot stretcher has padding throughout the base for optimal support.

Pros: A hook-and-eye flap closure allows you to get a personalized stretch. The device also comes with a convenient carrying bag, so you can easily take it with you anywhere.

Cons: For some users, the base might be a little short.


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