Best Ankle Straps for Cable Machines

Cable machines are great for resistance workouts, using a system of pulleys and cables to help you build muscle in your arms and tone your core. When paired with cuffs that strap around the ankle, these machines can also help with a range of lower body exercises meant to shape your backside or improve your knee and hip health. Brands like DMoose and Grip Power Pads offer great options you can add to your repertoire. In addition to featuring standard D-ring hooks that allow you to attach the straps to the cables, these are also amply padded and made with tough materials to withstand wear and tear. Shop them all ahead.

1. DMoose Fitness Ankle Straps

Available in singles or pairs, DMoose’s ankle straps connect with ease to most cable machines.

Pros: With double-stitched nylon for durability and stainless steel D-rings, these straps are made to be put to the test. Their padded interior reduces friction and pressure while an improved fastening system ensures that these won’t slip or come detached.

Cons: These may be too small for thicker ankles.

dmoose ankle straps
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2. Grip Power Pads Ankle Straps

Grip Power Pads offers single or double sets of durable ankle straps with dual D-rings.

Pros: These straps add five millimeters of extra padding, withstanding up to 220 pounds on a cable machine. Their extra-strong fastening keeps them stable throughout your workout, too.

Cons: These may be stiffer than their competitors.

grip power pads ankle straps
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3. Healthy Model Life Ankle Straps

Healthy Mode ankle straps are great for women, but they can also be used by men.

Pros: Their double stitching and D-rings keep them attached with stability while extra-wide padding makes them more comfortable to use.

Cons: These may not be able to withstand as much weight as other bands.

healthy model life ankle straps
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