Looking for an Easy Way to Help Tone Your Core? Try an Ab Stimulator

Between work and home life, it can be difficult to find any time for yourself – let alone devote the rest of your energy to developing a regular fitness routine. Ab stimulators offer a simple, nearly effortless solution to provide you with some initial momentum. They use electrical stimulation to contract the abdominal muscles, which can tighten them and make them stronger. They typically come with a belt that holds the electrodes to your bare skin and offer various modes and intensity levels. When shopping for your perfect fit, consider factors like belt size and how many electrodes you prefer while using the device. Read on to discover some of the best ab stimulators we’ve found.

1. Antmona Ab Stimulator

Designed to be used for just 12 minutes a day, this device helps you effortlessly start seeing results over time.

Pros: There are six modes and 10 vibration levels to choose from. The gel pads are washable.

Cons: It can require effort to get new gel pads to stick.


2. UMate Ab Stimulator

Includes two rechargeable body pads, this product gives oyu a controller to help with 15-minute sessions a day.

Pros: The pads are wireless, so you’ll never have to deal with cords getting caught on anything.

Cons: The pads should be replaced over time.


3. Ben Belle Abs Stimulator

These pads should be used for 12 to 15 minutes a day and show results within a few months of consistent use.

Pros: The brand offers a 12-month free replacement service in case your pads are damaged.

Cons: The AAA batteries will need to be replaced.

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