Best Water Socks for Kids

Trying to play in the ocean or stay comfortable at the water park can be complicated by chunky water shoes and heavy sandals. For kids especially, these pairs can cause them to trip and stumble when filled with water or sand. To avoid this, water socks are a great alternative, as they conform to the shape of the foot for a barely-there fit. Even better, FN’s top picks of water socks for kids all include durable outsoles that protect little feet from debris, shells, twigs and more for worry-free wear for kids and parents.

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1. Jiasuqi Water Socks

The ultra-thin material of these socks grips tight to the foot for a snug yet comfortable feel.

Pros: A smooth neck design prevents chafing without digging into the skin. A non-slip rubber sole protects the bottom of little feet and keeps them stable.

Cons: These may run small.

kids, water shoes, socks, sneakers
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2. Bridawn Water Shoes

Made with flexible knit fabric and an anti-slip outsole, these water shoes should keep kids' feet secure.

Pros: This silhouette includes reinforced heel pieces for better all-around protection and durability. A soft latex insole cushions the step as well.

Cons: These may fit large.

kids, water shoes, socks, sneakers
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

3. WateLves Aqua Socks

Offered in over 40 different colorways, these socks include double layer fabric for rip-free wear.

Pros: Heel loops make for easy on-off as a rubber sole blocks out shells and debris. A breathable finish helps keep feet cool for hours.

Cons: These may not be as slip-resistant as other pairs.

kids, water shoes, socks, sneakers
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

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