Best Training Wheels

Like any skill, riding a bike takes practice and, especially for kids, requires some safeguarding while they’re adjusting to the learning curve (or trail). Training wheels provide an easy solution for this leisure activity and can be attached to nearly all kid-sized bikes. While many of them come with a set of training wheels, they can be lacking in durability and stability, crucial criteria when a young child is behind the bars. When shopping for this bike accessory, you want to look for heavy-duty options that are easy to install and are designed to fit on a child-sized model. Read on to see some of the best training wheels we’ve found to help your child learn the ropes and ride steadily in the park or safely near the streets.

1. Entry Heavy Duty Training Wheels

They fit on 12 to 20-inch bikes and include assembly pieces.

Pros: They have an anti-slip design and should attach to your child’s bike without hassle.

Cons: They might not fit some 20-inch models.


2. Hardline Products Universal Training Wheels

They have 8-inch wheels and 4-ply tires with included assembly bolts.

Pros: These wheels are designed to be sturdy and long-lasting.

Cons: They might not fit all entry-level moto bike models.


3. Wald Bicycle Training Wheels

The wheels are for 16 to 20-inch bikes and ideal for those up to 100 pounds.

Pros: They are made of heavy-duty materials and have a sturdy, supportive design.

Cons: They don’t fit short rear axles.


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