Best Waterproof Tactical Men’s Boots for Safety and Comfort

Tactical boots are designed to be put to the test by law enforcement professionals, members of the military, public safety workers and anyone else in a field that requires heavy-duty footwear. Characterized by their sturdy uppers and traction-creating outsoles, brands like Skechers and Merrell offer versions of these boots that include waterproof protection as well. Waterproof tactical boots can withstand any environment and weather. Shop pairs that are specially designed to support the curve of your arches or that include breathable lining for sweat-free, moisture-absorbing wear, no matter your industry.

1. Merrell Work Moab 2 Tactical Boots

With an easy on-off silhouette thanks to a medial-side zipper, Merrell’s tactical boots have you covered no matter the setting.

Pros: These boots use waterproof leather and ripstop textile for durability and protection while a specialized Vibram outsole creates traction on any surface. A contoured footbed offers arch support and heel cushioning for comfort in your step, too.

Cons: The arch support may not fit right with flat arches.

merrell boots
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2. Skechers Wascana-Benen Tactical Boots

Skechers makes its tactical boots with an Electrical Hazard Safe design to protect from potential threats and injuries.

Pros: These boots are made from a smooth polished waterproof leather upper with a slip-resistant rugged lug-textured rubber outsole. The memory foam cushioned insole adds comfort while a shock-absorbing midsole takes the pressure off your joints and muscles.

Cons: These may not be as breathable as other pairs.

skechers boots
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3. Maelstrom Military Tactical Boots

Maelstrom blends together nylon and leather to create this lace-front boot.

Pros: The breathable waterproof lining in these boots keep feet dry from the inside out. The durable rubber outsole is designed to be put to the test by law enforcement and security professionals while a semi-rigid heel and toe reinforcement add protection and help the boot retain its shape.

Cons: For those who have very wide feet, these may fit narrow or snug in the toebox.

maelstrom boots, tactical boots
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