Durable & Protective Jungle Boots for Men

Like tactical boots, jungle boots are designed to be put to the test. This unique twist on a combat boot is meant to be worn in hot, humid conditions where a standard boot would not be comfortable or properly protective. Featuring perks like more ventilation for water drainage and water-friendly materials, FN brings you a selection of durable jungle boots for men. These pairs incorporate rugged uppers, slip-resistant outsoles and steel shanks and plates that protect the structure of the boot and prevent debris and sharper objects from penetrating.

1. Under Armour Jungle Rat Tactical Boot

Featuring a multi-media leather and nylon upper, this tough pair is made to keep you safe.

Pros: It features Storm technology to repel water, drainage vents on the side of the boot and an odor-fighting lining. A reinforced TPU shank supports the structure as a midsole adds stability.

Cons: These may be hard to put on before they're broken in.

under armour, tactical boot, jungle boot
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2. Fox Outdoor Vietnam Jungle Boot

The genuine leather uppers on this pair are vulcanized to the heel and outsole for a strong hold.

Pros: It also includes a removable footbed, moisture-absorbing cotton lining and steel shank for strength and longevity. You can buy it in wide width options, too.

Cons: The rugged outsole can scuff hardwood floors.

fox outdoor, jungle boot, tactical boot
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

3. Altama Jungle Boot

It's made with full-grain leather and non-metallic vents to prevent water and sweat buildup inside the boot.

Pros: A steel plate offers structure and protection against sharp objects. As an added bonus, you can polish the heel and toe to help keep the boots looking pristine.

Cons: These may fit big.

altama, jungle boot, tactical boot
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

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