The Best Headphones for Running That Stay in Place

A good pair of headphones is crucial for runners who want to jam out to music or take calls as they get their heart rate up. With countless models on the market, choosing the right one really comes down to personal preference. To name a few, bone conduction styles sit on the cheekbones and are particularly useful for people who want to hear their music clearly without drowning out background noise. Meanwhile, in-ear buds typically offer more isolated sounds if you really want to get into the zone. Both of these styles can come in wireless or wire-linked options. No matter which style you choose, sound quality and a comfortable fit are key: bonus points if the pair is lightweight and sweat-resistant. With all the in mind, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite running headphones available now.

1. Mpow Flame Headphones

This pair features a rich bass and 11mm dynamic drivers for optimal sound. It also includes a reliable water and sweat-proof nano-coated shell to prevent them from getting damaged while running in the rain or during intense workouts.

Pros: These come with a carrying case, four pairs of soft silicone ear tips in different sizes, one set of memory foam ear tips and one optional wire clip for different ear canals. 

Cons: Some users may find them to be a tad bulky.

Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones
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2. Letscom Wireless Headphones

These headphones have an 11mm vibrating diaphragm and a CSR chip for high-fidelity audio. Meanwhile, an internal nano-coating protects them from heavy rain or sweat during intense exercises.

Pros: These are offered in eight color options. A CVC noise-canceling mic reduces static and environmental noises for clearer-sounding calls.

Cons: The bass may sound a bit high for some.

LETSCOM Bluetooth Headphones
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3. Letsfit Wireless Headphones

This style has a tuned driver, CSR chip and RCV noise-canceling technology, which all contribute to its top-notch audio. These also have a waterproof nano-coating to protect them from sweat and rain.

Pros: They come with a carrying case, a wire clip and are offered in six colors.

Cons: The charging port may be somewhat flimsy.

Letsfit headphones
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4. Levin Headphones

Instead of buds that go inside the ear, these Bluetooth headphones sit on the outside and feature soft, foam-covered pads to cushion your ears.

Pros: They come with a small carrying case along with two spare ear foams. They’re featured in four colors and have a 12-hour battery life.

Cons: Some users may find they make a low beeping sound occasionally.

Levin Headphones
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5. Boltune Headphones

This lightweight, ergonomic set provides 16 hours of continuous playback and features IPX7 waterproof technology. They also come with Bluetooth capabilities and a CVC noise-canceling mic, as well as 10mm dynamic drivers for solid audio.

Pros: They’re designed with built-in magnets that conveniently clasp together for easy and safe carrying around your neck.

Cons: These don’t have an indicator to tell you when the battery is low.

Boltune Wireless Headphones
CREDIT: Amazon

6. Mucro Headphones

This wired model is easily foldable, features a built-in mic and is designed with a reflective sticker at the back for enhanced visibility when running at night.

Pros: They come in blue and green. These include large, medium and small sizes ear tips.

Cons: These aren’t Bluetooth headphones. They aren’t wireless.

Mucro Headphones
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7. Knpaimly Headphones

This pair is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 and AFH technologies for a more stable and reliable connection. Lower energy consumption provides 12 hours of playtime.

Pros: These also have RCV noise-reduction technology and are water and sweat-proof.

Cons: Some may find them too loud.

Knpaimly headphones
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