How Sarah Jessica Parker, Donna Karan, Serena Williams + More Are Reacting to the Coronavirus

As major events get canceled and more cases of the coronavirus are identified, it’s hard to stay sane in these troublesome times.

Across the board, celebrities and designers are taking to social media to share their thoughts and reactions to the COVID-19 pandemic; many expressed thoughts of self-reflection, care for their fans and followers and all-around hope that everyone remains safe in the current health crisis.

Tennis star and Nike athlete Serena Williams is using this time of suspended sports and social distancing to recuperate by being a wife and mom and “spending the next 6 weeks in solitude.”

FN’s 2019 Designer of the Year Amina Muaddi is taking a moment of rest and relaxation after a busy fashion month and is sharing prayers and donations to those who are affected most by the pandemic.

Designer Victoria Beckham is encouraging all to be with loved ones and most importantly, to listen to health experts.

Donna Karan, 2019 FNAA co-recipient of the Icon Award for Social Impact alongside Kenneth Cole, took to her personal account to educate fans and followers about the true nature of COVID-19 and to share her appreciation for the medical staff working tirelessly during this time.

Singer Lizzo is using her social media presence to provide a mantra and meditation practice in these moments of high stress and anxiety.

Sarah Jessica Parker and husband Matthew Broderick were set to star in the Broadway revival of “Plaza Suite,” but the city of New York put a ban on most gatherings over 500 people, including musical theater venues. The actress settled doubts and fears by saying: “Broadway doesn’t stay quiet for long.”

The SJP Collection designer also shared a message on her eponymous footwear brand wishing everyone “good health.”

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To all our followers, friends, customers and those that simply drop by our page every now and then. We at #SJPCollection wanted to address the trembling and uncertain present we are all living in. We want to send our best to all those that have been affected. That includes those suffering with health issues, or have family whose health is of concern. We hope for all to be well, healthy and safe. We also share our worry for those whose lives are affected by the collateral damage. We know these are scary times for so many. We see it and feel it here in NYC where theatres are shuttered, businesses are hurting, streets are empty, people feel confused, scared, unsure and more and more so isolated. This is our city currently, like yours and so many others across the globe. So. We check in on family, friends, colleagues and those who are without companionship. We wait for better days. Hopefully sooner than later. In the meantime, our fervent wish is for everyone's well being, returned good health and the time when all this is a distant and hard to believe memory. Please. With love and warmth. X, SJ​​

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Supermodel Christie Brinkley promoted the idea of “social distancing” with a humorous throwback photo.

Designer Peter Dundas expressed his thoughts and support for friends, partners and family in Italy throughout the country’s lockdown regulations.

As a member of the Baby2Baby board of directors, designer Rachel Zoe shared how to help the organization by giving back and donating essentials for families living in poverty during this crisis.

Shoe designer Sarah Flint’s namesake founder got real with followers about her own struggles and fears and how their team is using their love for shoes to keep them going in moments of trepidation.

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Dear Sarah Flint Family, When I started this brand seven years ago, I thought I had imagined every possible hurdle. Yet over these last few weeks, I have learned that there are some things for which the playbook has not yet been written. My heart goes out to those who are sick, and to all the individuals impacted by the Coronavirus. From families mourning their loved ones, to unexpected school closings, to the strain on the global healthcare system, there is no one untouched by something of this magnitude. The safety of our customers and business partners is, and will always be, my top priority, and we are in constant communication with our Italy-based team. We are working hard to keep them safe and taking measures to help prevent the spread of the virus, while also maintaining our best-in-class customer communications and support. Despite all the challenges, our new shoes for spring and summer are here and ready for launch over the next few months. But the truth is, I am struggling with how to introduce them to you, at a time when there are more important concerns. When so many people are feeling understandably anxious, is it wrong to be sending cheerful emails about shoes? How do we do what we do best, when the world around us has changed? How do we keep the business, our team and partners, secure in insecure times? This is a difficult path to navigate, and we have struggled internally about how to discuss shoes and fashion in this climate. As a founder and as a person, I am feeling as anxious as everyone else. This is challenging. It is a "first" for us. We may not get it right. Please know our website is open and our customer service team is here to help you with your fit questions. While we acknowledge that shoes are not the most important thing right now, we also acknowledge that they are "our thing.” They are the thing that binds my team, my customers, and I together. So we will go on doing our thing, and—we hope—bring some joy into the world as we do. To my customers, partners in Italy, my Sarah Flint family, and my fellow founders, thank you. I am here for you. Take care of yourselves, take care of each other, and be well. Xo, Sarah

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Dior Homme’s creative director Kim Jones joined the group of fashion forces directing thoughts and love to the people suffering in Italy.

Arianna Casadei shared the unfortunate news that Casadei will be shutting down its Rimini boutique for the time being to focus on health.

Marc Jacobs used social media to spread “some cheer and good will.”

Tabitha Simmons spent 13 years working under Dolce & Gabbana in Milan and expressed her love for the city and country she once called home.

Footwear designer Ada Kokosar reminded us all that what really matters is health, food, a roof over our heads and love.

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