The Crazy Things Giuseppe Zanotti, Sophia Webster + More Designers are Buying While Stuck at Home

Retail therapy. As we continue to shelter-in-place, online shopping can be a harmless, although often expensive diversion from the monotony of staying at home.

Like many of us, designers are trolling the internet in search of the next great find. Their buys — from the somewhat practical to the did-I-really-need-that — are helping keep the economy moving.

Here, they share their latest purchases from crystal cocktail sets to exercise equipment. Long live the FedEx man or woman.

George Esquivel

“I got my wife a Louis Vuitton handbag and had it hand painted with the Esquivel flower logo by my friend Kris from KCA Design Co. A token of appreciation for everything she is as a mother, wife, businesswoman and partner in life.”

George Esquivel bag
Louis Vuitton duffle bag.
CREDIT: Courtesy

Giuseppe Zanotti

“During this quarantine, I bought a bunch of different record player needles, which is so unusual as we’re just using iPhones and smart phones. I’ve had to reduce the collection over the years due to space constraints, and now have around 1,000 albums. Most recently, I’ve been loving Quadrophenia.”

Zanotti record needles
Throwaback record player needles.
CREDIT: Amazon

James Long, creative director, Iceberg

“I ordered the ‘Picante All Day’ cocktail set from Soho House. I thought it was quite camp and decadent to have a crystal set. I love a margarita as the sun sets on a Saturday evening, and that they take a while to make with the salt rim on the glass and the fresh limes. The chili just adds that extra spice you need.”

James Long cocktails
Crystal cocktail set.
CREDIT: Soho House

Archie Hewlett, CEO + Founder, Duke + Dexter

“I’ve bought a little remote-control helicopter that I fly around the house annoying everyone. I’ve ended up bumbling around at times — as I think we all have — and somehow decided it was a needed entertainment purchase. I’m the only one playing with it and it was remarkably easy to learn. It’s resulted in hours of fun.”

Archie helicopter
Remote control helicopter.
CREDIT: Amazon

Ruthie Davis

“The new iPhone 11 Pro Max. Normally, I go for the trade-ins and upgrades where you get a good deal, but my phone pretty much died and I decided to not skimp on the new one — going for the largest, most expensive one. However, I can justify this as I’m really pivoting my business due to COVID-19, doing much more digitally and need a great phone. I’ve challenged myself to learn how to use its and attempt new things on social like Live interviews on IG.”

iPhone 11 Pro Max
iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Sophia Webster

“I haven’t had time to purchase anything other than what’s really purposeful for the family or educational/entertaining for the kids. [However], my next purchase will be a trampoline for the kids — OK, it’s for me too. I’m sure I will be purchasing again for myself before too long, but it will be something special that I will treasure and want to keep. This mindset is reflected in my business, focusing our practices around purpose and meaning as we look at the future and what kind of world we’ll be living in.”

Sophia webster trampoline
Kid and parent-friendly trampoline.
CREDIT: Shutterstock

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