This Shoe Shaper Will Change How You Wear Heels

There hasn’t been much development in shoe shapers in the past 100 years — but inventor Maureen Stockton gave the item a reimagined, modernized twist with her device, Forme.

Stockton has worked in product development for the past two decades, including six years in the toy sector ( Easy-Bake Oven’s lollipop maker is one of her designs). She created Forme after experiencing her own issues with breaking in shoes.

“We’ve used them in everything from Rothy’s and Toms to Louboutins, Jimmy Choos and Tamara Mellon pairs,” said Stockton. “In their closets, women have shoes they really want to wear but can’t. That’s where they get excited about Forme.”

forme, shoe shaper, maureen stockton
Maureen Stockton and her Forme shoe shapers.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Forme

Forme, available at Formecomfort.com and on Amazon.com for $49, stretches and shapes to fit a variety of shoe types. The device changes form into several silhouettes to enhance fit and comfort for wearers, depending on individual needs and the profile of the shoes. Forme transforms with the push of a button for use in round toe, pointed toe, square toe, pump and flat styles.

forme, shoe shaper
Forme shoe shaper.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Forme

The appearance of the device is sleek: a champagne, pearlized tone that blends in alongside high-end product. The packaging is crafted in recyclable paper pulp, which is sustainable — just like the shoe shaper concept, which allows women to wear shoes that otherwise wouldn’t fit properly.

“Women are more conscious than ever about what they are consuming and they want to use what they have,” Stockton explained. “As 80% of women have one foot larger than another, you can pop Forme in to expand the toebox for an elegant and easy solution.”

In terms of functionality, air vents help remove moisture in a similar way to how cedar shoe holders wick moisture. The device also eliminates wrinkles that form on the toebed, replacing a trip to the cobbler by “breaking in” and stretching shoes at “pinch points.” The device is equipped with seven different adjustment positions, allowing users to control the amount of stretching force. Overstretching and damage is prevented thanks to the product’s smooth wing design.




forme, shoe shaper
Forme shoe shaper.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Forme

Women with bunions can also find benefits from Forme, as it pushes out the “pinch point” areas that can cause agony for those who haven’t had their bunions removed but still hope to wear pointed-toe styles.

The device comes in two sizes, from 6.5 to 8.5 and from 8.5 to 10.5. The company also made a special third size for Hollywood producer Shonda Rimes, who wears a size 11 and is a major supporter of the product. It aims to produce more larger sizes in the future.



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