Lucky Brand Sells 5-Packs of Face Masks for a Good Cause

For those still on the hunt for an easy-to-wear mask, these Lucky Brand packs can help you, your loved ones, and those in need.

The Los Angeles-based denim brand is selling masks in 5-packs of masks for $25 each on Luckybrand.com. They are made from 100% cotton with cotton-polyester blend straps. Due to their cotton construction, the masks are machine washable, dryer friendly, and should be washed before use. For safety amid the COVID-19 outbreak, these items should be washed again after a few wears. They are available in two color options: chambray blue and multicolor, the latter of which features a vertical striped pattern.

Along with every purchase, the company is donating five masks to essential workers, as well as unhoused, low-income individuals in the local area. The cost of the production and shipping of both the purchased and donated masks are factored into the retail value. Shoppers are limited to one pack per order.

Lucky Brand has been at the forefront of helping those in need since the early stages of the pandemic outbreak. In March 2020, the denim brand partnered with local organizations, including Suay Sew and New Fashion, an L.A.-based factory partner, to gather necessary materials and resources for mask production. Since the launch of its donation program, Lucky Brand has provided over 20,000 masks free of charge.

Many denim brands, including Citizens of Humanity and Reformation, also are using their factories and fabric to make masks for purchase and donations. Citizens of Humanity and Reformation are both selling five-packs for $25 as well.

Shop these mask options here.


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