Farfetch Is Launching a New Climate-Conscious Delivery Service

Farfetch is marking Earth Day with the launch of a climate-conscious delivery service.

The luxury fashion digital powerhouse is committing to reduce its emissions by shipping with more efficient packaging sizes.  Likewise, it is shipping pieces in bulk via its fulfillment network. (While this may sound like a no-brainer, consider how many times you’ve received a small online shipment in a disproportionately large box.)

In addition, Farfetch is offsetting carbon impact from deliveries and returns via investment in four independently certified and verified environmental projects. The initiatives focus on planting and protecting forests — and investing in renewable energy developments. Areas of focus include Brazil, the U.S., India and China.

“As a platform, our largest impact lies within our logistics network,” said Thomas Berry, Farfetch’s director of sustainable business, in a statement. “Carbon emissions are the world’s biggest contributor to global warming, and we feel it is our responsibility to minimize our impact as much, and as soon, as possible.”

He added, “While our focus is on carbon reductions, offsetting is the most economically efficient way for us to reduce our environmental impact immediately.

This new program is the latest development in the company’s Positively Farfetch sustainability initiative, launched last year. Measures already in place include a resale and donation service. Farfetch also is moving to more renewable energy in its offices.

Working with EcoAct, a  sustainability consultancy, to measure and calculate its carbon footprint, the e-commerce platform is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions globally. It is also part of the Fashion Pact and the United Nations Fashion Charter for Climate Change.

After recording a loss of $373.69 million for fiscal year 2019, Farfetch decided to suspend full-year guidance for 2020. It  expects to deliver a gross merchandise value of $105 million in Q1. This is driven by advances in China, where it has seen rapid year on year growth since February 1.

As he wrote in a letter to shareholders last week, Farfetch founder and CEO José Neves attributes his company’s resilience  in the face of the pandemic to the fact that it is the only direct-to-consumer platform that can connect the physical inventories of store networks across Europe, the United States and Japan to a global consumer base at scale. In addition, Farfetch has local operations in China and key emerging markets.

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