Tony Ferguson’s Rone Rolls Out New Collection of Affordable Luxury Sneakers

Under Rone, Tony Ferguson has transformed some of the most recognizable skate shoe silhouettes into luxury sneakers and slip-ons.

Now, five years later, the pro skateboarder is releasing two new styles that will be offered at half the price of his previous shoes. The Foundation collection includes a loafer, which retails for $135 and a sneaker for $189 available now at ronebrand.com.

rone loafer, luxury skate shoe, luxury sneaker
The Thirty Six loafer from Rone.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Rone.

To buy: Rone Thirty Six loafer, $135


rone footwear, rone sneakers, luxury skate sneaker
The Ninety Seven sneaker from Rone.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Rone.

To buy: Rone Ninety Seven sneaker, $189.

“We have always wanted to roll out a more accessible collection and now it’s here,” said Ferguson, who is currently working from home in Vancouver.

Prior to launching Rone, Ferguson served as the creative director of Alife in New York. He also helped launch the Girl Skateboard Company, a renowned, California-based skate brand in which Ferguson was an original team member.

Since 2015, the founder of Rone has grown his brand into a luxury footwear company that’s skatable. Ferguson continues to combine traditional styles, such as marrying the loafer with a vulcanized sole, out of premium materials.

Rone thirty six loafer, luxury skate shos, rone footwear
The Thirty Six loafer from Rone combines a calfskin suede loafer with a translucent vulcanized rubber sole.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Rone.

“Throughout Rone I have worked with these classic silhouettes that were important to me growing up from the ‘80s, ‘90s, specifically silhouettes that aren’t around anymore,” Ferguson said.

Although met with unexpected downtime, Ferguson is excited about what’s in store for Rone. He said the brand will continue to operate on a seasonless schedule, a concept more and more brands are picking up as of late.

“We’ve always been going at our own pace,” said Ferguson. “We just produced it when it feels right. And it seems like that is kind of the new landscape for the rest of the fashion and footwear world too, it’s changing.”

In addition to the brand’s latest collection, Rone has launched a campaign featuring some of Los Angeles’ most notable creatives and skateboarders of the moment.

atiba jefferson, rone thirty six loafer, rone angelenos
Atiba Jefferson in Rone.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Rone.

Rone Angelenos ambassadors include Atiba Jefferson,  a photographer, skateboarder and musician and Briana King, who is also a skateboarder as well as model and  LGBT community activist based in L.A.

brianna king, rone angelenos, rone shoes
Brianna King in Rone.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Rone.

To follow the Rone Angelenos campaign and shop The Foundation collection, visit ronebrand.com.

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