Why Drunk Shopping Is Big Business for Shoe Retailers

For some Americans, a night of drinking can lead to more than just a hangover. According to a new survey by Finder, nearly a quarter of U.S. consumers admit to shopping while intoxicated — and shoes are a favorite purchase after one too many drinks.

Footwear, accessories and apparel captured 36.9% of the total share of drunk spending, which reached a staggering $44.9 billion in 2019. Surprisingly, men accounted for nearly half of those purchases at 45.4%, compared to 20.2% of women. Overall, shoppers spent an average of $148.13 on these fashion items while under the influence.

Other popular drunk purchases include tech products, music, vacations and even cars. Food clinched the No. 1 spot (58.3%), followed by more alcohol (51.7%).

Consistent with last year’s findings, Millennials are the generation most prone to drunk shopping, with 42.1% of respondents admitting to making purchases while tipsy. Generation Z followed closely at 35.4%. Millennials also had the highest average spend on drunk purchases at $879.71, followed by Generation X at $797.49 and Generation Z at $650.48.

Broken down regionally, the Northeast showed the highest percentage of drunk shoppers at 25.82%, while also boasting the highest average spend at $1,195.13. This was followed closely by the Midwest at 23.54%, the West at 23.50% and the South at 20.32%, according to the survey. State by state, Washington spent the most on purchases while drunk at $2,199.96. Massachusetts came in second at $1,703.14, followed by New York at $1,652.4.

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