Third Mind’s Sustainable Shoes for Men Marry a Sneaker With a Dress Shoe

Drink up.

Third Mind, a just launched line of men’s fashion-comfort looks will take care of your used water bottles. According to the brand, each pair saves roughly 20 water bottles from winding up in landfills and waterways.

When founder and industry veteran Steve Hamel came up with the concept he had a dual purpose in mind — solving the pollution problem while modernizing the dress shoe category. The three-pattern collection includes a plain toe, cap-toe and wingtip style, all retailing for $125

“I’ve put together a package of shoes I’d compare performance wise to athletic shoes, but look like dress shoes,” he said. “[However], I wanted to approach everything by being as responsible as I can.”

While the uppers are knitted from polyester threads made from water bottles, the outsoles use 30% recycled rubber from tires and the laces are made of recycled plastic and the footbed foam is made of 70% recycled materials.

A cap-toe style from Third Mind is made of recycled water bottles.
CREDIT: Courtesy photo/Third Mind

Hamel incorporated the components into a focused collection of looks that bridge the dress and casual categories. “I wanted to solve a problem,” he said. “Every guy I’ve spoken to about their least comfortable shoe says hands-down it’s a dress shoe. Some have even thrown their dress shoes out.”

The brand’s founder, an industry veteran with experience in design, production and product development, self-funded the venture. While Hamel is bullish on the launch, he acknowledges that the COVID-19 pandemic has dampened the interest in certain footwear categories, which could have created a huge setback for the brand’s debut.

However, Hamel has found himself in a sweet spot with footwear that mimics the comfort and fit of a sneaker and the polish of a classic dress style, targeted at the millennial customer. The brand is also giving a nod to members of LGBT community with a style that knits together the colors of the rainbow for the upper.

In fact, the brand’s name was inspired by a quote from Napoleon Hill, an American self-help author — “No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind.” The concept, noted Hamel, inspires inclusivity in communities and empowers people to make responsible choices in all they endeavor to do.

Hamel is taking the notion of inclusivity a step further by offering sizes up to 18, deigned to address the athletes with larger feet. “I’ve done my research,” said Hamel. “The only ones they won’t fit are twin brothers Brook and Robin Lopez of the Milwaukee Bucks, who both wear a size 20.”

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