Arcus Orthotics Creates Custom Insoles for Shoppers from the Comfort of Their Own Homes

For Arcus Orthotics, the name of the game is convenience.

Staffed by a team of medical professionals, Arcus is an online custom orthotics company that creates custom insoles for shoppers from the comfort of their own homes. The orthotics are designed to improve the function of one’s feet and can treat bunions, limb length discrepancy, flatfoot and can ease lower back pain, achilles pain, heel pain and more.

Founder and CEO Adam Kaplan told FN that his reason for wanting to meet customers where they are is because “many people don’t have the time or the resources to visit a physician, even if their pain is disrupting their normal daily routine.”

“Getting diagnosed and fitted for orthotics requires several office visits, copays, and time spent hassling with insurance companies who may or may not cover the orthotics. Arcus Orthotics eliminates those concerns, and provides customers with a quick turnaround, a seamless experience, and most importantly, the ability to do it all from the comfort of their own homes,” Kaplan added.

So how does it work?

A shopper must create an online Arcus profile and will then receive a molding box in the mail. Once the molding box arrives, the customer is then instructed to create the mold by placing the box in front of a chair. The box is equipped with two sections of molding foam, one for each foot. Next, the shopper will then sit in the chair with their knees directly on top of their ankles and foot at 90 degrees. The shopper is then instructed to angle their knees into a knock knee position. Afterwards, the shopper is instructed to mold their feet, one at a time. Once finished, the customer must return the box back to Arcus.

Arcus Custom Orthotics
Arcus Custom Orthotics foam
CREDIT: Courtesy of Arcus Custom Orthotics
Arcus Custom Orthotics
Arcus Custom Orthotics process
CREDIT: Courtesy of Arcus Custom Orthotics

Customers can also select the specific orthotic need, material, type of foot and can share their diagnosis, so that the insole is best suited for their condition.

Once the shipment is received at the manufacturing facility, the foam is filled with plaster of paris. After the plaster has hardened, a technician chips away and removes the foam from the plaster replica of the customer’s feet. The technician then uses a metal filing rasp to shave down the cast based on the diagnosis and other selections. The cast is then sent to the pressing department where the orthotics are formed. After it is molded, the orthotics are sent to the grinding department and will later enter the posting stage before moving onto the extensions department. After the extensions department, the orthotics move to the accommodations where heel spur pads or heel lifts can be added. Next, the orthotics enter a covering stage with several options, including: vinyl, dress, sport or cloud. At the last stage, the orthotics are reviewed for accuracy before being sent back to the customer.

Arcus Custom Orthotics
Arcus Custom Orthotics
CREDIT: Courtesy of Arcus Custom Orthotics

Upon receiving the custom insole, customers can then remove the already present insole from their desired shoe and replace with their Arcus orthotics.

In addition to improving the overall wellbeing of its customers, Arcus supports Diabetes treatment and research with each purchase. A custom Arcus orthotic can be purchased for $249 at Arcuscustomorthotics.com.

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