Biion Footwear and Warner Bros. Launch Wonder Woman Shoe to ‘Empower Women’

Fans of Wonder Woman will get to be their own superhero thanks to Biion Footwear.

The brand, known for their innovative and multifunctional oxfords, has teamed up with Warner Bros. to create an exclusive Wonder Woman unisex shoe just in time for Christmas. A pre-sale launch commenced on Dec. 21 in partnership with the global release of the “Wonder Woman 1984” film starring Gal Gadot that releases on Christmas Day.

The special edition shoe boasts a ruby red body with the classic golden “W” emblem seen on Wonder Woman’s suit and a star-spangled pattern across the toebox. The shoe also features a white midsole and a yellow outsole. Additionally, the shoe is equipped with Biion’s signature design with a rubber sole that allows for comfort during everyday life as well as activities like golfing and boating. The shoes, which also feature a shock absorbing innersole and breathable holes, are available in both adults and kids sizes at Bionfootwear.com. The adult shoe retails for $110 while the children’s pair is $60.

Speaking about the collaboration, Rick Buchanan, founder of Biion, told FN that the goal was to create the “closest replication of Gal Gadot’s superhero uniform.”

He explained that the mindset behind the collaboration was to “empower women all around the world,” adding: “The empowering of women is rising to the forefront, and we wanted to be a part of that.”

Additionally, Buchanan explained that the brand wants all customers to feel like superheroes during their everyday lives. He shared that Biion also had frontline workers in mind amid the ongoing global health crisis as a result of COVID-19.

The brand has already donated several shoes to healthcare workers and will do the same with the Wonder Woman collection.

“We’re getting shoes on doctors and nurses. Obviously with the pandemic going on, it makes them feel like the superheroes [they are],” Buchanan told FN.

The collaboration is not only heartwarming, but also closely aligns with Biion’s mission. Biion, which got its name from the Ancient Greek “bios,” meaning “life,” is the expression of being fully alive. The brand, which launched in 2014 and has also collaborated with Disney.

Shop the shoe below.

Warner Brothers - Wonder Woman Icon Lux
CREDIT: Courtesy of Biion Footwear

To Buy: Warner Brothers – Wonder Woman Icon Lux Adult, $110

Biion Footwear x Warner Bros. Wonder Woman Shoe
CREDIT: Courtesy of Biion Footwear

To Buy: Kiids Warner Brothers – Wonder Woman Icon, $60

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