These E-Skates Seen on ‘Shark Tank’ Are Just Like Segways for Everyday Use

Looking for the fast track to work or school? Consider a pair of Zuum shoes, self-balancing e-skates, whose founders went in front of ABC’s “Shark Tank” team Monday night in search of investment. They were seeking $125,000 for a 20% stake in the company.

Although the founders of the Portland, Ore.,-based company did not secure the funding, that didn’t stop consumers from racing to the website for a pair of their own. The shoes come in a single style and retail at a special Shark Tank price of $299 (compared to the $499 regular price) on Amazon.com until Monday night.

Zuum Technologies was founded in 2018 by entrepreneurs Chico Guerra and Mason Buechler, who made the pitch on the show. According to the company, its goal is to reinvent the way people think about traveling, from having fun around the house to neighborhood trips. They can even be toted on vacations for on-the-spot transportation.

Since the company is also committed to protecting the environment, the shoes eliminate emissions. And since traffic congestion is escalating in cities around the country,  Zuum offers an alternative to gas-powered vehicles.

They can achieve a top speed of 8 miles per hour, with a ride time per charge of 1.5 hours. When planning an outing, keep in mind it takes two hours to charge. The shoes weigh 7 pounds each. They can navigate on a range of services and can be worn by adults and kids.

Here’s how to get started. Turn the skates on using power buttons on the side of each device. Next, place your dominant foot on one of the shoes. Once balanced, place your other foot on the second skate. Gently lean forward to go forward, and lean backward to move backwards.

Zuum is not the first footwear company to appear on “Shark Tank.” Others include the ISlide line of slides, Solemates heel protectors, Xero Shoes and kids’ brand Freshly Picked. While some inked deals, others turned down offers.

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