Vans’ ‘Breaking Boundaries’ Documentary on Bringing Surfing to Underserved Trinidad and Tobago Youth Airs Tonight

Vans is bringing the story pro surfer Chris Dennis, who has worked to help bring surfing to underserved youth in his native Trinidad and Tobago, to YouTube.

The brand will reveal “Breaking Boundaries: A Surfboard Drive for Trinidad & Tobago” on its channel on the video streaming platform today at 5 p.m. PT.

The documentary aims to show how Dennis’ work with the youth in his community, which began by teaching a couple kids to surf, transformed into something much larger.

Vans said Dennis became aware of surfing’s value in their lives and how it provided them with educational, recreational and even aspirational opportunities. Also, according to the brand, the athlete saw how surfing helped keep them away from the pitfalls of poverty including crime, abuse and difficult situations at home.

However, Dennis’ work with local youth was hamstrung by a lack of available equipment.

The story will show viewers how Dennis was able to get the kids what they needed, including his connection with South African non-profit Waves for Change (which was made possible by fellow surfer Dane Gudauskas and his nonprofit, the Positive Vibe Warriors Foundation). By working with Waves for Change, a drive was put together that collected more than 200 surfboards. These efforts also led Dennis to the eventual creation of Waves for Hope, a nonprofit surf therapy program, in 2019.

“It’s more than surfboards, and it’s more than a board drive to us,” Dennis said in a statement. “It’s a human thing. If we share, and really care for each other, a lot of our problems will be solvable. So, it means the world.”

According to Vans, “Breaking Boundaries” is a story about connection “within the global surf community and humanity as a whole” and a hope that more socially beneficial initiatives will come of this. The film will also aim to spread the belief that the connecting of surf scenes across the planet can affect even greater societal change. 

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