Reebok Has a Plant-Based Performance Running Sneaker Coming Soon — With Some Veggies on the Side

Reebok is set to deliver a USDA-certified, plant-based sneaker in the performance-focused run category.

The athletic brand announced today that it will launch the Forever Floatride Grow next month, an athletic shoe crafted with breathable eucalyptus tree uppers, midsoles made from sustainably-grown castor beans, odor-fighting Bloom algae foam sock liners and real rubber tree outsoles.

A close-up look at the Reebok Forever Floatride Grow shoes.
CREDIT: Christopher Cardoza/Reebok

Reebok product director Emily Mullins explained via statement how attributes allow you to opt for a more eco-friendly option without sacrificing foot support or shoe quality.

“Forever Floatride Grow is made for runners who care about performance and want to feel good about the products they use daily,” Mullins said in a statement. “It’s an important milestone for sustainable performance as making running shoes out of plants is challenging because they need to withstand impact. We have been able to replace petroleum-based plastics that are traditionally used in running shoes with plant-based plastics.”

The company has also partnered with Siena Farms, a Boston-based family farm, to provide the first 50 customers with Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) produce boxes with their purchase exclusively through the Reebok Unlocked platform. Each complimentary gift will contain a sustainable wood crate and a half-bushel of assortment fresh vegetables. With every purchase up to 50, Reebok will donate the same box through the farm’s community-sponsored farm shares to a family facing food insecurity.

The Reebok Forever Floatride Grow will be released on Oct. 1 and retail $120 at Reebok.com and select retailers.

The Reebok Forever Floatride Grow shoes.
CREDIT: Christopher Cardoza/Reebok

With growing consumer interest in cruelty-free and environmentally-conscious living, Reebok’s upcoming release helps to further expand the sustainable footwear market. The brand long has been devoted to integrating sustainable materials into their supply chain. In 2018, Reebook introduced its NPC UK Cotton + Corn sneaker.

Back then, the sneaker juggernaut was on the heels of the eco-friendly footwear trend that appears to be here to stay. Adidas, Reebok’s parent group, also has ventured into the vegan sneaker market with the launch of its Stan Smith in collaboration with luxury designer Stella McCartney. Other notable sneaker brands, including Converse and Nike, also are doubling down on plant-based innovation.

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